Sick time is accrued at a rate of one hour per every 30 hours worked. Premier provides sick leave accruable up to 72 hours. You will be eligible to use your accrued sick time, in accordance with the State laws. For example, in California you can use your accrued sick time after 90 days of employment, but in New York, Colorado and New Mexico there is no waiting period.

If you are sick, need to care for a sick family member, need a day off or are planning to leave early from an assignment you MUST reach out to your Candidate Success Manager (CSM) as early as possible so they can appropriately communicate with the client.

Unfortunately, we do not offer paid time off for personal leave or vacation.

It is critical that you maintain as much communication with both your CSM and your assignment supervisor when unexpected and expected time off requests come up. If you have planned vacations or time off requests, please let your recruiter know up front so that we can notify the client. The more advanced notice, the better!