If you are enrolled in medical, dental, or vision insurance through Premier and your assignment ends, your benefits will continue through the end of the month of your last day on assignment.

If you have already had your benefits deducted from your paycheck for the following month, you will see that reimbursement on your paycheck at the time of the termination of your benefits. You will then have the option to continue coverage through COBRA, paying the full premium out of pocket. You will receive COBRA paperwork by mail after your assignment ends and you will need to submit forms to our VitaCOBRA administrator if you'd like to continue your coverage.

If you are interested in evaluating Cobra vs Individual plans and would like to consult with our Individual Family and Senior Plan Specialist for alternative medical coverage, please contact Keith Partridge at 650-798-2046 or submit a request to keith.partridge@proco.global.  Shop for plans here: http://www.prohealthinsurance.com/