We offer our employees to take advantage of the IRS sec 132, which allows you to put up to $265 pre-taxed dollars aside for designated commuter programs or parking on a monthly basis. 

For example: if you elect to have $73/month deducted for the monthly Muni pass, your weekly deductions will be $18.25/week.

Commuter Benefits are issued in the form of a reloadable Beniversal MasterCard. Our Commuter Benefits provider, Benefit Resource Inc. (BRI), issues these reloadable MasterCards after your enrollment is processed.

To enroll: 

  1. Once you have access, you can log into your Paylocity Self-Service Portal and click on "Enterprise Web Benefits" in the upper left corner at the "HR & Payroll" link.
  2. Follow the enrollment steps in Web Benefits to select or waive commuter benefits, indicating your monthly deduction amount.
  3. Your benefits will take effect after we process your enrollment.