After activating your Beniversal card, you can expect it to be loaded with the funds you have requested every week you receive a paycheck. You can use this Beniversal card to purchase transit online, at any major station kiosk, or at any Clipper “Add Value” machine.

Once you receive and activate your card, the funds deducted each week will be available to you for each week you submit a timesheet, unless there is a fifth week in the month. If you do not submit a timesheet, you will not receive funds to your card for that week.

Your Beniversal card can be used to load your Clipper card, purchase Muni/BART/Caltrain/ACE/MTA Transit passes, and other vendors like Chariot.  

Go to: BRI Login

  • Company Code: pstaffing
  • Login ID: Your SS#
  • Password: Your Home Zip Code

Once Registered on BRI (Optional):

Go to:

  • Link your Beniversal Master Card
  • Or visit local “Add Value” location

Additionally, the BRiMobile app is available for download. The app can:

  • Alert you when funds have been deposited to your card
  • Show current and prior balances
  • Access recent transactions