Premier is required to comply with various number of Federal, State and local regulations. This requires us to keep an accurate and up-to-date reporting of all our Temporary, Contract and/or Payroll employees employment status.

If you received this email, it means that it's been at least 30/60 days since your last assignment and your status has been changed to one of the following:

  1. Inactive, but Still Employed: Employee who has been on an assignment within the last 60 days but who is not currently on an active assignment or in between assignments.
  2. On Leave: Employee who is currently on an active assignment but on a temporary leave of absence.
  3. Not Employed: Employee whose assignment has ended 60+ days ago and has not been placed on a new assignment through Premier.

Even though your employment with us might have changed, we still encourage you to reach out to your Talent Success Manager or point of contact and provide them with an update. Also, make sure to ask them about any exciting opportunities they might have for you!