Premier developed Ajna with the intention of promoting equitable hiring—within our internal teams, and beyond our walls. Through our talent platform, Premier eliminates unconscious bias from the hiring process through our cutting-edge matching algorithm, redacted candidate profiles, and automated interview scheduling.

All candidates are assigned a matching score based on several standard parameters, including experience, career interests, job type, and desired compensation. The unbiased nature of the algorithm opens the door for a diverse array of candidates with different backgrounds—allowing candidates to transition into their desired field of work by factoring in their past relevant experience and desired positions.

In order to protect candidates from potential bias during the early stages of the hiring process, we display redacted (albeit, holistic) candidate profiles. Here are several key features support our efforts:

  • Candidates' photos (if provided) are hidden until an in-person or video interview has been completed
  • Candidates' initials are displayed until an interview is scheduled (after which we will display candidate’s preferred name, rather than their legal name)
  • Profiles do not capture the age of a candidate
  • We display candidates' highest degree of education, rather than school names and graduation years
  • We display general experience and industry, rather than specific company names
  • We display where candidates prefer to work, rather than the area that they reside in
  • Clients make their selections based on holistic candidate profiles rather than resumes (which are hidden during the initial selection process)

Throughout the interview process, we maintain the unbiased nature of Ajna through automated scheduling and follow-up. Clients and candidates simply indicate their interest through the click of a button—and we take care of facilitating the calendaring and communication on behalf of both parties.

It is our hope that through our platform and our internal team’s commitment to supporting equitable hiring, we are able to foster diversity amongst our clients’ workplaces, and provide every candidate with an equal opportunity.